Position Yourself as a Trusted Partner

Bridge the Gap between Lending and Sales to Build Better Relationships

Effective Credit Conversations teaches lenders how to position themselves as trusted partners as they analyze credit risk and communicate credit decisions. 

Effective Credit Conversations begins with an interactive eLearning course that teaches lenders how to connect with customers while conducting a preliminary credit analysis. They will also learn how to effectively communicate the financial solution once the credit decision is made. After learners pass the eLearning, they may take the skills application lab, where they will practice each of the targeted conversations they learned. 

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Course Features

Learn how to engage the business owner while you:
  • Qualify their business and clarify their needs
  • Develop and share financial insights
  • Position the approved solution
  • Communicate negative decisions

Why Do You Need Effective Credit Conversations?

Did you know more than half of business loans are declined? Effective Credit Conversations will help your lending process become more efficient, which will help improve your approval rates. 

About Omega Performance

Established in 1976, Omega Performance is the credit training partner of choice for the world's finest banking institutions. We offer blended training solutions that are suitable for lending organizations of all sizes. More than 40 years since our inception, Omega Performance continues to deliver high-impact credit training throughout the world, with head offices in the United States, Singapore, and Australia.