Get Microlearning for Macro Credit Skills!

Anywhere, Anytime Credit Skills Training Delivered to Any Device

Omega Performance's newest training solution, OmegaExpress, delivers bite-size credit skills training straight to learners' mobile devices and desktops. Each of our 2- to 5-minute microlessons consists of interactive content that sustains and builds upon the skills learned in our core business and commercial lending courses.

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Four Ways to Learn

  • In My Experience: Stories from experienced lenders about deals, that went exceptionally wellor unexpectedly awry
  • Acumen Builders: Short lessons that help lenders take their skills to the next level.
  • Ask The Expert:  Answers to our learners most frequently asked questions. 
  • Dynamic Dictionary: An interactive guide of lending-related terms, featuring illustrations, examples, and demonstrations.
All available to Omega Performance learners who currently have access to Business Lending Fundamentals, Commercial Loans to Small Business, Commercial Loans to Business, or Financial Accounting for Lenders.

Benefits of OmegaExpress

  • Substantial learning without a substantial time investment
  • Improved retention through spaced repetition and practice
  • Continuous stream of new microlessons to keep learners coming back
  • User-friendly analytics tools for administrators to monitor progress
  • Ready reference of reliable information through searchable content
  • Available for offline viewing

About Omega Performance

Established in 1976, Omega Performance is the credit training partner of choice for the world's finest banking institutions. We offer blended training solutions that are suitable for lending organizations of all sizes. More than 40 years since our inception, Omega Performance continues to deliver high-impact credit training throughout the world, with head offices in the United States, Singapore, and Australia.