The Power of Small Things: How Your Learners Can Benefit from Microlearning

Modernize Your Training Strategies

Learn about the science behind microlearning and how it can enhance your organization's training. This white paper gives you an action plan for using microlearning to make training more accessible, reduce cognitive load and increase accountability. 

Learn how "The Power of Small Things: How Your Learners Can Benefit from Microlearning" can help you deliver more effective training to your bankers and lenders. Download your copy today!

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Best Practices for "Bite-Sizing" Your Training

As you evaluate whether your training is accessible enough, ask yourself:
  • How do my learners access training?
  • How would they like to access training?
  • What do I need to change so that the answers to the first two questions align?

An Essential Truth about Learning

"The world has undergone a digital makeover over the past two decades, and it's influenced nearly ever element of our lives, including how we learn..."

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