The Front Nine: How to Beat Par in Small Business Banking

Best Practices for the Small Business Banker

Small business owners want stable relationships, especially when it comes to their borrowing needs. Even though many are reluctant ot borrow heavily in today's uncertain environment, their trust and loyalty can be won by demonstrating an understanding and appreciation of their business and clearly communicating the ways in which the bank can add value.

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Strategies for Beating Par

Learn how to:
  • Identify and protect your existing relationships
  • Seek opportunities to take relationships from other institutions
  • Evaluate competitive advantages and weaknesses
  • Establish targets and goals for customer retention and new business

Without a Strong Credit Culture

Institutions that lack a strong credit culture often end up making most credit decisions at or near the top of the organization. When vision and values are not effectively translated into practice by all levels in the organization, the staff tends to lack confidence in credit judgment and risk management.

About Omega Performance

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