2017 Bank Training Effectiveness Benchmarking Report

What Can Your Bank's Learners Gain?

This report shares the average pre-test and post-test scores for our most popular eLearning courses, so that you can compare your bank's scores to the global average. We also share the learning gain-- or the percentage increase in score between tests.

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Key Takeaways

We provide key takeaways from each course explaining which key skills participants lacked before training, and which skills and information were learned in the course for our seven most popular eLearning Courses.

Data From Our 7 Most Popular Courses

  • Business Lending Fundamentals
  • Commercial Loans to Business
  • Commercial Loans to Small Business
  • Commercial Real Estate Lending
  • Consumer Lending
  • Financial Accounting for Lenders
  • Understanding Personal Cash Flow

About Omega Performance

Established in 1976, Omega Performance is the credit training partner of choice for the world's finest banking institutions. We offer blended training solutions that are suitable for lending organizations of all sizes. More than 40 years since our inception, Omega Performance continues to deliver high-impact credit training throughout the world, with head offices in the United States, Singapore, and Australia.