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Why Omega Performance

Whether you're seeking training for your personal, small business, or commercial banking and lending staff, Omega Performance has the practical, scalable blended learning solutions you need to develop skilled employees who are able to differentiate your organization in a competitive marketplace.

Our learning solutions include a blend of eLearning, classroom, sustainment, and coaching so that your learners can get the credit and conversations skills they need to integrate their new knowledge into your organization's culture.

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Our Learning Solutions Include:

  • eLearning: self-paced, interactive courses with pre- and post-tests that help you measure learning. Some courses include a microlearning feature.
  • Skills Application Labs: Instructor-led training that allows learners to apply knowledge gained during their eLearning to realistic situations.

More Learning Solutions:

  • Case Study Library: Independent analysis of a commercial credit opportunity, followed by a facilitator-led group discussion.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Courses, tools, and resources that enable your coaches to strengthen and reinforce the skills and behaviors that are helping your employees succeed.

About Omega Performance

Established in 1976, Omega Performance is the credit training partner of choice for the world's finest banking institutions. We offer blended training solutions that are suitable for lending organizations of all sizes. More than 40 years since our inception, Omega Performance continues to deliver high-impact credit training throughout the world, with head offices in the United States, Singapore, and Australia.