Building A Strong Credit Culture

Best Practices for the Modern Banker

Modern banking requires a modern approach. Learn how a strong credit risk culture will benefit your organization in order to support sustainable growth and differentiate your bank in a highly competitive marketplace.

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Four Elements for Success

Learn how to strengthen your credit culture through leadership, an improved organizational structure, policies, procedures and processes; and your people.

Without a Strong Credit Culture

Institutions that lack a strong credit culture often end up making most credit decisions at or near the top of the organization. When vision and values are not effectively translated into practice by all levels in the organization, the staff tends to lack confidence in credit judgment and risk management.

About Omega Performance

Established in 1976, Omega Performance is the credit training partner of choice for the world's finest banking institutions. We offer blended training solutions that are suitable for lending organizations of all sizes. More than 40 years since our inception, Omega Performance continues to deliver high-impact credit training throughout the world, with head offices in the United States, Singapore, and Australia.